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About Me
About Me

About Me

“I Never Thought I’d Be This.

I always thought I’d be a rock jock, an FM Radio Disc Jockey serving up tunes to listeners in Cleveland, Ohio.

I even graduated Broadcasting School, made a demo tape and got a job at a very cool radio station.

The very first time I turned on the microphone, live and on the air for real, I discovered what a horrific mistake it was. (Insert the sound of tires screeching to a halt.)

Thankfully, my boss saw something more in me. Specifically, he saw value in the compelling radio commercials I had produced for my demo tape.

So he threw me into a production bay and said “Make more like that.” It was a good decision for the radio station and especially for me.

That singular act launched my marketing communications career. I eventually went on to work with famous ad agencies (including Omnicom), consumer brands (e.g. Wrangler, ABC News, Centex) B2B and SaaS companies (e.g. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Deltek), and even 7 top companies of the Fortune 500.

The one thing I haven’t done in Marketing Communications is write a book on the subject. Yet. Look for it in 2020.

I Believe

I believe most companies offer greater value than their potential buyers recognize. And that the right message can unleash a company’s true potential and worth.

I Think

I think that the busier buyers become, the more important strategically crafted communications are to capturing the buyer’s attention and purchase.

I Know

I know that messaging, when done right, brings in the most revenue and the highest ROI of any sales initiative, and that it’s my job to get it done right.

Sizzable is a Raleigh NC marketing consultancy.
About Me

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About Me
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True or False

Can you find the one false statement below?

  • I once turned-down a basketball scholarship from Indiana University.

  • I was on the team that launched the “Most successful IPO in Florida history.”

  • I swam with wild sharks. At midnight. Twice.

  • I’ve done work for 7 of the Fortune 500 companies.

  • I graduated high school at the age of 16.

  • I wrote the business plan for the original Career Casuals fashion brand (which became J.C. Penney’s top selling brand in its category).

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My Process

Before I tackle a new Marketing Communication initiative, I often go through the following steps:

  • Confer with Sr. Management to determine the goals of the brand.
  • Acquire and absorb research and a deep understanding of the buying audience.
  • Review any past company communications and any ROIs associated with them and assign the best of it as a benchmark.
  • I use all of the above, add it to my own experiences, insight, and creativity to craft the new communication.
  • Launch, observe, and track the new initiative against the benchmark (noting all the variables that may keep the it from being a true apples-to-apples comparison).
  • I then plot the results (costs, results, ROIs, etc.) and report back to Sr. Management.
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Want to work with me?

I work with business leaders who are motivated to raise their sales, their margins and their revenues–fast and affordably. If this sounds like you . . . we should talk.